Aditro is the leading supplier of Payroll in the Nordic Countries- Sweden, Finland and Norway. We can proudly say, that with 50 years of experience and more than a thousand customers, that we are Payroll.

Lean approach

Payroll is fundamental in all businesses and affects every single employee. Having the right Payroll software built on the right technology to support your own very unique processes is a critical success factor – and something that should not be taken lightly. Aditro’s attitude and lean approach to maximizing capabilities while at the same time minimizing complexities is a direct enabler for your organizational effectiveness.

High quality

Payroll precision and payroll accuracy is an absolute must for all organizations. Getting it wrong can have a very damaging effect across your business. Aditro’s modular approach and design principles enable customers to rapidly and efficiently implement and realize capabilities needed within the organization at the right time and, of course, at the right quality protecting at all times precision and accuracy. The Aditro Technology has been designed to support the modern, fast moving and dynamic business environment that we all operate within. Solutions can be tailored to support individual needs without compromising the overall benefits of a standardized and packaged solution.


Aditro payroll software and services

More than 1,4 million payslips are produced on a monthly basis with the Aditro solution. 500 000 payslips of the 1,4 million are processed by Aditro as a Cloud service – also widely known as Software as a Service (SaaS). 200.000 payslips of the 1,4 million are produced by Aditro as a Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) also traditionally known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Managing and processing of benefits deductions, payments, absence and sick leave, annual statutory filings, employment certificates etc. are all efficiently and securely handled with our solutions.

Aditro has over 40% market share in targeted market segments in the Nordics thanks to our deep knowledge and skill within the legal and regulatory frameworks, industry specific collective bargaining agreements and best practice payroll processes.

Solutions based on modern technology to digitalize and automate your payroll process

Our solutions and services are based on Aditro developed software tailored for the Nordic markets using the latest technology. We deliver the software pre-configured with the option to customize if required. In addition to the secure software base we provide pre-configured templates that include country and industry general calculation rules as well as business and statutory reports. The solution and configuration templates are continuously maintained and updated by the Aditro payroll experts in close dialog with industry representatives and authorities.

User-friendly tools 

Aditro offers user-friendly tools for a digitalized end-to-end payroll process. Our solutions allow employees to report transactions such as, for example, working time, absence and expenses. Employee and manager self-service solutions improves the speed of information and quality allowing better usage of resources and competence both in the payroll office and in other parts of the organization.

Delivery models to match your needs

Aditro’s operating model is built on best practices and draws on our 50 years of experience, combining quality, robustness and cost efficiency. Our payroll offering can be delivered in three different delivery models based on your needs and preferences. We help you identify the model that fits your need.

  • Operate our software in your own IT environment, under your maintenance (On-premise delivery)
  • You purchase the Software as a Service (SaaS). Aditro operates and manages the payroll solution (Cloud services)
  • Payroll Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). Aditro manages and operates your total payroll business process (BPO) with our expert team of payroll administrators


Professional services

With decades of experience about business processes and IT solutions, we are absolutely committed to providing our customers with the most proficient solution resulting in direct and measurable benefits to your organization. We share these skills with you through our professional services, consulting and implementation, support and training services.

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