Telia a mutual and solution-oriented cooperation across national borders

For a large and international company like Telia, it is crucial to have an efficient and flexible payroll system that enables smart integrations and provides good control. When the company was looking to outsource their payroll administration, they opted for Aditro – and today this successful cooperation extends across several national borders.

“When we were looking for a new payroll partner a few years ago, it was important to find a provider who could offer an efficient and flexible system, with whom we could also develop a long-term and mutual cooperation,” says Björn Karlsson, Head of People Core Services at Telia.

He also explains how Telia and Aditro have gradually expanded their cooperation, and that they now have a very good and solution-oriented partnership based on respect, understanding and mutual benefits. In addition, Aditro’s payroll system enables both a number of smart integrations and efficient management of payroll and deliverables, giving Telia the control and flexibility they need to operate as efficiently as possible.

Crucial to have a payroll provider that works with Workday

About ten years ago, Telia decided to outsource the management of the company’s HR master data to Workday. At the time, they needed a payroll provider that could be easily integrated into the new system and could also ensure that they got the most out of the partnership with Workday. Telia then conducted a comprehensive analysis of various payroll providers, before opting for Aditro.

“The great thing about Aditro is that they consider the employees. We currently have about 21,000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltics, all of whom need predictable pay procedures, good communication and support – and Aditro ensures that they get just this,” says Karlsson.

Acquisitions could accelerate payroll digitalisation

Earlier this year, the Belgian company SD Worx completed its acquisition of Aditro’s Nordic operations, presenting a number of significant and exciting opportunities for both parties. The companies have the same vision for the HR and payroll market of the future and will be able to leverage each other’s products, technical solutions and experiences.

“It’s incredibly exciting that Aditro has become part of SD Worx for us here at Telia. I believe that the acquisition will accelerate the digitalisation of the payroll processes, which in turn will benefit us as a customer,” says Karlsson.

International cooperation

What began as a cooperation between Aditro and Telia Sweden a few years ago has now become a Nordic partnership. In April 2021, Telia Norway entered into a major payroll partnership with Aditro, closely followed by Telia Finland.

“Although we work separately with Aditro in three different countries, we see it as a joint cooperation, where we constantly learn from each other and improve together,” says Karlsson, before adding that the Nordic partnership will make payroll processes even better, more efficient and smarter.

Karlsson also says that the solid, mutual partnership has not happened by chance, and that one thing in particular is important if you want to succeed with outsourcing:

“If you are going to benefit from outsourcing, you must make sure your own house is in order first. You do not fix inefficient, undocumented and sloppy processes by outsourcing the work to someone else. If anything, this will only accentuate what isn’t working. Make sure you have good internal processes if you want to get the most out of outsourcing.”

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