Product Specific Information

Please take note that the information below will be depended on the products purchased and delivery type (on-premise, cloud or business process outsourcing). The table below will help you with choosing the correct product family and environment that belongs to the product.

EnvironmentProduct FamilyProducts
HRMSuiteHR 4.2 and later, E&O, Time, People, Trip, T&A, Trip and Expense, SHR, Salary Review, Competence, Aditro Perform, Personec Time, Personec HR
Payroll NorwayAditro Lønn, Lønn G7
Payroll SwedenAditro L, Aditro Pay, Pension
Payroll FinlandAditro W, Aditro W KPI
ReportingFinnish market products: Verkkopalkka
Integration Services Please see specific information regarding integration services further below
AIS, Bank Service, Authority Connect

Data processed as part of product operations

In this section we have included the purpose for which our products are normally used. As part of the flexibility we want to offer to our customers all our products are highly configurable and may contain more data than initially intended. The data that is included in the definitions below is the data that is required as a minimum for our product to perform the desired output. Any other data needs to be classified by each customer.

Environment Product family Product Purpose Data category Retention time
HRM Suite Organisation Employee administration 1, 2, 3 Automatic
PeopleEmployee administration 1, 2, 3 90 Days
TimeAbsence and vacation management 1, 2, 3 90 Days
ExpenseTravel and expense management 1, 2, 3 90 Days
AnalyticsStatistical information 1, 2, 3 Automatic
PayslipInformation resource for employee 1, 2, 3 0 Days
TalentPerformance appraisal and evaluations 1, 2, 3 0 Days
Payroll Sweden Calculating salary 1, 2, 3 18 Months
NorwayCalculating salary 1, 2, 3 18 Months
FinlandCalculating salary 1, 2, 3 24 Months

Product – Please find a full list with all product names belonging to this category here.

Data category – The numbers used refer to our personal data classification. More information on the types of sensitive data we process is to be found above.

Retention time –The times mentioned here are minimum retention times and based on:

  1. Event
    Change of employment status
  2. Order
    The customer is responsible for the ordering process.
  3. System information
    Data saved in backups is excluded but will be affected one month after execution of the routine. Data in logs will remain and deletion has to be ordered separately.

We do not assume any liability if requested to lower retention times, payroll and reporting processes may be affected.
Automatic means that the data is sourced from People and records will be removed automatically as a result of the removal from People.

Environment Product family Product Purpose Data category Retention time
Integration Services Connect Integration Service (AIS) Transfer of files 1, 2, 3 18 Months
Bank ServiceIntegration with Bank environment 1, 2, 3 7 Years
ConnectIntegration with other parties 1, 2, 3 Selectable
SFTP InternalTransfer of files 1, 2, 3 1 Year
SFTP ExternalTransfer of files 1, 2, 3 Customer responsibility
Environment Product family Product Purpose Data category Retention time
Verkkopalkka Payslip in employee’s internet bank environment 1, 2, 3 8 Years

Data processed as part of relevant legal obligations

We assist many customers in complying with their legal obligations by storing data, if you are such a customer this will be stated in your respective master agreement with us. Below you can find the categories of data and the time frame for which data is retained. Data will be shared with third parties if the below stated laws include an obligation for the customer to do so and if this responsibility is delegated by contract to Aditro. The starting point for the retention times mentioned below may be mentioned in respective laws but is normally at the end of the relevant year.

Years Years Years
10Bokföringslag 7Ennakkoperintälaki
Lag om förskottsuppbörd
PENSIONLov om obligatorisk tjenestepensjon (OTP-loven)
Lov om tjenestepensjon
10Socialförsäkringsbalken99Työntekijän eläkelaki
Lag om pension för arbetstagare
RE-EMPLOYMENTArbeidsmiljøloven 5Lagen om anställningsskydd 5
10Lag om den officiella statistiken3Laki tilastokeskuksesta
Lag om statistikcentralen
ABSENCEArbeidsmiljøloven10Sjuklönelagen10Depends on collective agreement10
WORKING HOURSArbeidsmiljøloven3Arbetstidslagen10Työaikalaki
SOCIAL SECURITYFolketrygdloven10Studieledighetslagen2Suomen perustuslaki
Finlands grundlag
DISTRAINT Tvangsfullbyrdelsesloven 5Konkurssilaki
PARENTAL LEAVE Folketrygdloven 10Föräldrarledighetslagen 2
COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT Tariffavtaler for avtaleområdene 10Kollektivavtal 2-10