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A scalable platform to meet your HR needs

The HR system is scalable and you can add our products to tailor your needs. Starting with People for master data management. Then add products for time & absence management, skills management, travel claims and other areas and connect them to payroll.

Core HR

Strategic HR

Role based

More power to the people

Thanks to digitization HR activities are becoming more and more decentralized, putting more power in the hands of users and embedding them in the business. Our multi-lingual software solution provides role-based access for users, one start page for all functions, and self-service for different processes.

Aditro Daily app


For all employees

App + Web

Aditro Manager


Complement for all managers

App + Web

Aditro Pro


Perfect for all specialists


Easy-to-use HR apps for your employees

Adapted for employees and managers giving all an accessible, intuitive and fast HR experience. Saving company time when employees and managers can apply and register quickly in the app which increases employee satisfaction. Further, using automated digital solutions ensures correct result faster and is reliable every time, decreasing manual labour for all.​

Aditro Home

A perfect way to start

Aditro Home is the hub for the entire organization’s HR. A place where users at all levels get a chance to overview HR events and the HR department can communicate with colleagues in the organization. Aditro Home are presented in an intuitive design that streamline and simplify the so often complex work. Welcome to learn more about Aditro Home’s two main features.


Aditro Home’s dashboard gives you a bird’s eyes view on the organization. Effortless, you can keep track of the current situation in no time.


Working with HR does not have to be time consuming or difficult. Aditro Home Inbox is the assistant you have always wanted.

Get the processes you need for your daily HR operations

Aditro HR supports a variety of HR processes. By combining the different modules, your organization can get the processes it needs for your daily HR operations.

Do you want to invest in a new HR or payroll solution?

Book a free online consulting with our experts to build your own business case for a new HR or payroll solution.

All products

Learn more about our HR products

And what they can do for you.


Information on your people and organization, easily accessible.


Give your employees an enjoyable experience when reporting and approving time.


Identify key competences, gaps and potential among your employees.


Offer your organization a business intelligence tool that gives you deep insight into your people.


Makes paperwork and lost receipts a distant memory.


Manage and create learning experiences within the organization.


Fully integrated with our time solution, and all the benefits from the organization structure.


Engagement, development and retention are key for any organization.


Recruitment and employment processes integrated.

Salary review

Manage the salary review process from start to finish.