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Investing in HR data analytics will help create transparency. Analytics allows for enhanced processes that improve human aptitude and efficiency. People are vital to the success of any organization. With the correct use of analytics, organizations can attract the right talent, manage talent, utilize capacity, and retain employees for long-term success.

Good HR practices no longer suffice at successful organizations. Organizations need a data-driven approach to achieve evidence-based HR if they want to reduce human bias and subjectivity. When HR is able to make impact through analytics, it takes on a more strategic role and can help the organization gain a competitive advantage through clever use of data.

Use our Aditro HR KPI framework to track, compare, match and analyze people data and trends.

Analytics module

Basic module

  • Time Analytics
  • People Analytics

Features and KPIs

Analytics, Basic module

People analytics

An organization’s human capital is perhaps its most important asset. Building an in-depth understanding of your staff can deliver better answers and give you a competitive edge. People analytics can empower your team by providing better insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Feature overview
• Based on Aditro HR data warehouse model
• Based on Microsoft Power BI tool
• Supports role-based reporting on the data level
• Facilitates quick start with Nordic Aditro HR KPI framework

Analytics, Basic module

Time analytics

Add time transactions to Analytics and find insights about employee absences and overtime. Extend the basic module to get all People dimensions and features at your fingertips, and turn your time-related data into actionable information.

Feature overview
• Maps time reasons with Aditro KPI Framework
• Time transactions from Payroll or Core product Time (under development)
• Find trends in absence patterns
• Extends the Basic module, using all features available in People Analytics in combination

Analytics, Basic module

Role-based access

Aditro Analytics has two main user interfaces based on the role of the user. This way, we can offer a user experience that fits each user’s needs. The Manager interface is the main way to access the dashboard and reports, and data security ensures that only statistics on direct reports or all subordinates can be viewed. HR specialists can view complete statistics on the company’s employees or have restricted access based on their role.

Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) tool that provides KPIs and data insights from our core products People and Payroll.
• Analytics is offered as a cloud service, easily accessible from a web browser.
• Analytics is delivered with Aditro HR KPI Framework, configuration of KPIs and reports, to use as is or as a base when adapting the solution to support customer requirements.
•The Analytics data warehouse is extendable to include more data than provided at start.
• Interactive reports powered by Microsoft Power BI Embedded.

Base module Analytics

Aditro HR Analytics Framework

Aditro HR KPI Framework is a predefined set of KPIs and configuration supporting the Nordic countries. With minimal configuration, manager and HR specialist can start viewing dashboard and reports.