HR Master

Efficiently manage your people and organizational data in the HR master data module  – People.

People is the Aditro HR master data module that gives you control of your data for new, current and terminated employees.​ Onboard your new hires with a minimum of administration and help your managers and HR specialists stay on top of their tasks. The process templates are ready to use and include examples of employee contracts.

With the additional functionality of electronic document signing and ReachMee recruitment integration, you can get a fully digitized process for hiring new people.​

People is available in English, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish​.

Aditro HR is delivered with a standard setup of People that fulfills the basic needs of most organizations. Templates for organization tree​s and onboarding processes are included along with employment agreement templates. If needed, you can adapt Aditro HR to company-specific needs during implementation or later.

People module

  • Employment
  • Organization
  • Analytics
  • ReachMee
  • Salary Review
  • Health
  • Employment Coverage
  • GDPR compliance support

Features at a glance

People, Basic module


All the most important master data gathered in one place enables managers and HR to stay on top of their key tasks. Dashboard is the perfect place to start the day for anyone who wants to keep track of the organization.

Feature overview
• Notifications on items in the system that require attention or action
• Configurable reminders related to employee events
• Get an overview of absent colleagues and direct reports
• Keep up to date on balances for overtime, vacation and more
• Announcements and corporate information
• Messages from HR and management

People, Basic module


An organization tree with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Organize your approval structure and divide costs easily. You can also export the graphical organization charts to PDF or as images.

Feature overview
• Set up advanced and multi-dimensional organization structures
• Define your organization trees and connect access rules
• Define and manage permissions, access, roles and employee connections
• View and export organization charts and graphs

People, Basic module


This is where you get an overview of all employee information. See past, current and future values connected to the employee. Advanced search lets you define your own reports based on employee data.

Feature overview
• Manage person information
• Manage access rules
• Manage employment changes
• Search for colleagues
• View and monitor employment history
• Search, import, export people data
• Archive employment documents

  • Extension module

Salary review

The salary review module automates, simplifies and saves time for the entire organization. Say goodbye to unsecured, tedious Excel sheets and use a GDPR-compliant tool to manage the salary review process from start to finish.

Feature overview
• Create, define and run simulations of salary reviews before publishing
• Create salary reviews with or without a pre-set budget
• Divide budget in accordance with pre-set conditions, for example performance
• Easy access to relevant information like salary history and benchmarks
• Approval chain according to grandfather principle
• A user-friendly process enables managers to work more efficiently
• Easy access status overview for HR and upper-level management

Read more about Salary Review

  • Extension module with ReachMee


Make the recruitment process even more efficient with Aditro’s integration to ReachMee in your on-boarding processes. When a candidate is chosen, the employee data is automatically imported into the Aditro on-boarding process.

Feature overview
• Same access rules for Reach Mee as Aditro HR
• Time saving – enter employee data only once
• Automatic file-based integration​ after setup on implementation

  • Extension module


Digitized processes ensure shorter turnaround times, higher data accuracy and less administration workload.

Feature overview
• Cut the time needed for the signing process with Aditro HR E-signing functionality ​
• Aditro HR sends out invites to sign and collects signatures from any device, and Scrive secures the signed document ​
• When all parties have signed an agreement, it gets stored in the digital archive and everyone involved will receive a copy of the signed document​
• Use the time spent on printing and distributing physical documents on value-creating activities

  • Extension module


Long-term sick leave is costly. Aditro Health helps you efficiently reduce the costs of employee well-being and health care. Aditro Health helps HR specialists to follow up on absences and take the necessary actions to fulfill statutory requirements and corporate rules to get the employee back to work.

Feature overview
• Absence module that keeps track of employee’s sick leave​
• Track continuous periods of absence or multiple absence periods​
• Get notifications to HR and Manager​
• Boost your brand with managers who care for employees with the help of system support