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Two apps for efficient HR – one for all employees and one for managers.

Designed for employees and managers giving all an accessible, intuitive and fast HR experience. Saving the organisation time when employees and managers can apply and register quickly in the app which increases employee satisfaction. Further, using automated digital solutions ensures correct result faster and is reliable every time, decreasing manual labour for all.

Designed to simplify everyones worklife.

Employees and managers HR needs fulfilled, all done in a mobile.

Daily – For all employees

Reach every employee, including deskless and field-based employees, at any time. Create an employee experience that mirrors the consumer market customer experience.

Don’t waste time

Give your employees an enjoyable experience when reporting time and requesting leaves. ​

Expense & travel reporting on the go

Give your employees the freedom to report their expenses on the go and out of office.​

Your people data accessible

Organisational data, always correct and easily accessible. Keep your personal information up to date.​

Straight into your pocket

The payslip always available and immediate.

For all employees

Download Daily

HR accessible for all employees with a intuitive interface that leave no room for error.

Manager – the best complement for managers

The whole team at hand. Set direct reports with the click of a button and keep your team happy with swift responses to vacation applications and automated self-service.

Approve your teams admin

Approve your team’s time registrations, expenses and more without effort.

Your whole team at hand

See your team’s planned absence. Find salary, position and have their information when you most need it.

For all managers

Download Manager

Makes complicated HR routines easier and keep your team happy with swift responses to vacation applications and automated self-service.

Want to make your employees HR tasks simple?

There is more

We know that in any organization, administration is a crucial task. But it can be complicated and frustrating. Take a look at what else you can do with our Aditro HR products.