Learning with Learnifier

Learning is an add on module to manage and create learning experiences within the organization. Aditro and Learnifier have started a collaboration which means that we can now offer our customers a user-friendly learning module.

Learnifier is a powerful learning tool for creating online learning content and course management. Create onboarding courses and learning academies and save a lot of time and effort by building digital courses in minutes with easy drag-and-drop features. Learning comes with Single Sign On (SSO) and is integrated with People Module, which enables targeting course activities to specific groups based on work role, department, country etc.

During 2021, we will also launch Learnifier integrated with the Competence module which will make it possible to transfer course status and information from Learnifier to Competence.

Features at a glance

  • Available in more than 21 languages to support learning processes within the organization.
  • Target course activities to specific groups based on work role, department, localization etc.
  • Set your course communications on autopilot. Say good-bye to time-consuming admin tasks and simply customize your triggers and ensure a higher course completion rates among your employees.
  • Fully integrated – user information imported from People Module. Course status exported to Competence Module

Learnifier for Employee

Feature overview

  • Simple and smart interface
  • Follow through Blended Learning activities
  • Email and/or text alerts as reminders
  • Communicate with other participants and instructors
  • Possibilities to follow through courses in mobile app
  • Course status in Learnifier exported to Competence library
  • Managers view (coming soon)

Learnifier for Administrator

Feature overview

  • Efficient production, distribution and administration of digital and classroom learning
  • Create by drag-and-drop including videos, texts, pictures, documents, quizzes etc.
  • Easy to target specific groups with course content
  • Email and/or text alerts by automated communication
  • Easy to follow up and monitor learning activities

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