Salary Review

Salary Review is the module that helps your organization run easy and smooth yearly reviews and on-time-payments

Aditro Salary Review helps your organization with a structured way of handling yearly reviews and onetime payment.  It automates, simplifies and saves time for the entire organization​.

Features at a glance

  • Nordic solution – Supports Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian language. For cross Nordic companies it’s is possible to have several reviews ongoing at the same time 
  • Automated workflow – Automated approval workflow and easy set up. The approval workflow can include unit deadline, start-up information emails and reminders during the review​
  • Userfriendly – Easy for managers to use and for HR to administrate. Follow the managers work. See how the unit budget changes during your review, take over a unit, add attachments for guidelines 
  • Flexible for HR – Simulate budgets and salary outcomes. Intuitive workflow for HR to follow the reviews progress. Jump in and work on behalf of managers if needed. Predefine the budget and use up to 4 different scopes ​
  • Fully integrated with People. Send your new salaries to People and payroll with a minimum work effort for administrators and Payroll​

Salary Review for Manager

Feature overview

  • A full overview of your unit
  • Set salaries in an easy and flexible way
  • See how the budget visually adjusts as you enter new salaries
  • Follow the progress of subordinates
  • Take over subordinates units to prevent delays

Salary Review for HR Specialist

Feature overview

  • Create and simulate a complete review
  • Use budget and scopes in different and effective ways
  • Limit access to specific columns and adjust to fit HR and managers different needs
  • Automatic information e-mails and deadline notifications
  • Add possibility to “Work on behalf of” to prevent delay

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