Aditro Talent modules are the tools you need to build a robust and effective talent management strategy.  

The Aditro Talent modules enable you to design a successful strategy that will engage, develop, and coach your employees at every step of the employee lifecycle. A key component in achieving your overall business goals is your ability to retain and develop employees with the right skills while maintaining your position as an attractive employer. 

Talent Modules

  • Perform
  • Competence with extension module CV-tool  
  • Add-on module to Competence: Learnifier

Features at a glance

  • Perform

Perform Targets

Share common business priorities in the organization and break them down into team and individual targets. Empower your talent by setting clear visions, goals, and expectations. Build engagement by visualizing how individuals can contribute to business priorities. Give your teams and employees a tool to set, define, link, and monitor the progress of individual and team targets.  

Feature overview​ 

  • Define targets for teams and individuals, track status, and follow-up on actions​ 
  • Assign actions, deadlines, or link targets to each other​ 
  • Explore detailed statistics about your Team and the organization in graphical or grid view​ 
  • Convert top-level Business focuses into a team and individual targets and distribute to all levels in the organization tree 

  • Perform

Perform Talks

Interact with your employees. Talks enable you to effortlessly interact with your talent on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Create tailormade talk cycles and talks that fit all populations within the company. Plan, follow-up, evaluate targets, and employee performance. Collect feedback with Aditro.  

Feature overview​ 

  • Choose what steps and questions to include in which talk, stay relevant by using content fit for purpose. ​ 
  • Arrange talks with your employees at any time​ 
  • Keep all answers in the talk history​ 
  • Createtalk cycles for automatic talk creation in preset date intervals. Assign different talk cycles to different employee populations and create talks templates to fit business needs.​ 
  • Explore detailed statistics about your Team and the organization as a whole 

  • Competence,


Identify key competences, gaps, and potential among employees and help your organization to develop the employees and contributes to a committed and productive organization. 

Feature overview​ 

  • Define competences and connect to job profiles​ 
  • Find candidates for specific tasks​ 
  • Compare skills between subordinates​ 
  • Approve and reject changes in competences​ 
  • Overview and keep track of the progress in Learnifier-courses* 
  • CV, Extension module


Extension module to Competence 

Provides the possibility to gather all information about Employees in the CV-tool that can be used for internal or consulting purposes. 

Feature overview​ 

  • Build a CV by adding education, job experience, personal information, and other qualifications​ 
  • Preview and download the CV​ 
  • Share the CV with others 
  • Select and prepare an Employee’s CV suitable for specific assignments