With Aditro Talent, it’s seamlessly simple to take care of your talent every day, month and year.

HR is about getting your talents engaged and making them productive. The Aditro Talent modules help engage and develop your employees. Use tools that help your mangers provide coaching at every step of the employee lifecycle.

Aditro Talent is built around transparency of goals, free flow of information and feedback. It ensures that your people are rewarded for their skills and competence, not their position in the hierarchy.

Talent Extension modules

  • Perform with Target & Talks
  • Competence with Employee Profiles
  • CV Support

Features at a glance

  • Perform, Extension module


Share a target for the entire organization. Empower your talent and successfully build engagement for a shared vision. Provide your teams and employees with a tool to set, define, link and monitor progress of individual and team targets.

Feature overview
• Define individual or team targets and track status
• Add actions, deadlines or link targets between each other
• Explore statistics about your team in the graphical or grid view
• Convert top-level business focuses into team or individual targets and distribute them down through all levels of the organization tree

  • Perform, Extension module


Engage your employees. Aditro Talent makes it seamlessly simple to take care of your talent every day, month and year. Follow up, evaluate, plan targets or get any feedback from employees using the Talks module.

Feature overview
• Choose which steps/questions you want to include in the talk template
• Arrange a talk with the employee at a suitable time
• Keep all answers in the talk history
• Create talk cycles for the automatic talks generation in concrete interval of dates
• Explore statistics about your team

  • Competence, Extension module

Employee Profiles

Develop your talents. Keep track of the skills and capabilities of your employees. The Competence module helps you manage your organizational needs in relation to the competencies of your workforce.

Feature overview
• Define competencies and connect job profiles
• Find the best candidates for the specific tasks
• Compare the skills of direct reports to each other
• Approve and reject changes in competencies
• Create CVs

  • CV, Extension module

CV Support

Provides the ability to gather all the information you need about employees in a CV for internal use or consulting purposes.

Feature overview
• Build a perfect CV by adding person information, skills, job experience and education blocks
• Preview and download the CV
• Share it with colleagues or clients (under development)
• Select and prepare employee CVs suitable for specific assignments (under development)