Why you should stop looking for the perfect HR system

As the Bersin report by Deloitte says: “Many of the traditional HR systems purchased only a decade ago seem out of date.” But what should replace them? How do you find the perfect system today? You don’t. That’s how. The logic has changed. 

Choosing an HR system used to be about choosing between an integrated solution from one single provider, with all the risk that it brings – and the question whether it’s future-proof or not. The other option was for you to pick solutions from different vendors and figure out for yourself how to get them integrated in a way that made it all work. With a single solution, you were stuck with one provider’s view of the world. And with multiple providers, your hair turned grey and dug a deep hole in your IT budget.

What if there’s a completely different way of thinking – a more modern way? The software industry has evolved from separate systems performing separate core tasks to a world where you as a user or company “bet” on an eco-system of solutions to help you over time. This is where HR software is going, too.

Let’s make an analogy with your mobile phone. First, you get the phone you like, that does the basic job as good as it gets. Then, you complement with apps, downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, to perform the tasks that you want and need.

With this route, you get an HR platform that delivers all the core HR processes. Then, depending on your business, challenges and preferences, you add recruitment tools, health tools, and so on. With a cloud-based HR platform such as Aditro HR, all the data is available for you to use in new and innovative ways that add value to your organization. One system won’t fit all. And one supplier can’t be best at everything. But with all (completely accurate) data openly available to other HR apps, you will get what you need: the HR solution that is the best for you, as times and demands change. Simply add or change what you put onto the platform. Without huge IT projects. That’s another big gain.

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