Russian developers in Sweden- “It was very useful for personal growth”

Aditro has for many years had a partnership with a Russian company – Arcadia. During 2019 we decided to take our collaboration to the next level by inviting Russian developers to Sweden, to work together with us at our Head Office in Sundbyberg. The arrangement is that the developers visit Aditro in pairs and after a couple of months it is someone else’s turn.

We have interviewed Roman Nosov, Madina Yusupova, Sofia Novikova, Petr Spirichkin, Sergei Peresada and Julia Dunder about their experiences:


All agree on the benefits of meeting the DevOps team in real life. This is a possibility to improve the collaboration and getting to know each other better:

“I enjoyed it very much, both professionally and culturally.”- Madina

“Everyone in the Aditro office was very friendly and ready to answer any questions. It was fun to learn some Swedish words during the lunch break”-Julia

“I was impressed how thoughtful and friendly Aditro’ s guys are, always ready to help.”- Sofia

 “To meet my team in real life boosted the process of my immersion into the project sufficiently”- Petr

“Sweden was an amazing experience, to see another country from the inside and also to meet new, interesting people at Aditro.”- Roman


Both the personal and professional development benefits of the exchange:

“A closer look into the DevOps processes and an opportunity to work with live environments. That helped me to get a better view of all the life circles of our product. Also, a better understanding concerning how the code that I’m writing become a product that is actually used by our customers.”-Roman

“One of the most valuable things was to see how DevOps team works: interaction with consultants and customers.” –Madina

 “It allowed me to understand how the whole infrastructure works and how different components tied to each other”. –Petr

“Actually, I recognized how planning ahead is important to achieve the goals. I think Swedish people are good at it. We had many meetings and discussions about solving current issues and improving work processes”. – Sofia

“It was a nice opportunity to see how the new way of deployment of the Suite works in real life and to be a part of discussions and troubleshooting. Now I understand that the new way makes our product scalable. That also allows us to collect information related to customer issues and solve them much faster than before”. – Julia  

“I think it was very useful for personal growth”. -Serg


Differences in working and living circumstances:

“It was challenging – getting used to the Swedish keyboard layout, the first thing you need to do at the office is to login with new credentials and you cannot find the @ sign. I also realized why buffet is called ‘Swedish table’ in Russian – it was hard not to overeat at lunches.” -Madina

“Swedish lifestyle differs from Russian. Saint-Petersburg is sort of the city that never sleeps in contrast to Stockholm. I needed some time to get used to the daily routines.” – Sofia

“I noticed that drivers turn off the engine of the cars when stopping at traffic lights. But I am not sure if that it is a habit or done automatically by a “smart” car. In Sweden it is not allowed to leave a dog alone at home. We do not have such rule in Russia”. Julia

“An example is that construction workers start to work about 7 a.m. in Stockholm, it’s very early for Russia. So, you didn’t need any alarm clock to wake up. My overall impression is very positive, and I’ll be back with pleasure.” -Serg


Taking the opportunity to also get to know Stockholm:

“I think the visit to Sweden before Christmas was a lucky thing because of the beautiful decorations outside; Christmas trees, lights and a loving-kindness atmosphere around. We were invited to Aditro Christmas party in Pirate style on a boat. It was great! One evening we went go-carting. It was my first time and I liked it.” -Sofia

“I used every possibility to explore and experience something new, like:

Renting electro scooter and going around the Old town

– Forgetting apartment and basement keys in the laundry room and spend half an hour trying to explain what happened to the neighbors

– Enjoying sunset at Skinnarviksberget

– Screaming out loud when mixed up free fall with the catapult at Gröna Lund

– Enjoying sunny autumn walk at Djurgården

– Spending Wednesday evening in the swimming pool with classic music and nice lights

– Having yoga class in English with Aditro colleagues

– Playing ‘Russian quiz’ outside of Russia in Russian-Madina

“I visited lots of city sights and just walked around in the city. I like the architecture style of Stockholm with low and neat buildings.”- Petr

“Sundbyberg is a remarkable area with a lot of parks and clean air. And Stockholm at all is very nature friendly.” – Serg

“I visited several museums and Skansen, of course. Unfortunately, my bucket list of what I want to see and to do in Sweden became longer…” – Sofia


A different office environment:

“I enjoyed the office: it’s great to have the possibility to switch places now and then and drink hot chocolate. Friday breakfasts were great too! I felt so welcome by Aditro employees. Living close to the office was amazing. I enjoyed walking around the neighborhood: nice houses, lakes and parks.”  -Madina

“Nice talking during lunch, coffee breaks and after works.”- Sofia

“Aditro impressed me with its cozy office space and calm working style. People are relaxed, friendly and not stressed out. “– Serg

Thank you all for sharing your experience!

We at the Aditro´s office in Sundbyberg really appreciates having you here!