What does SD Worx stand for?

Did you know that SD Worx has over 75 years of experience working with payroll management and HR? It all began in 1945, when World War II ended. During that chaotic time, the Belgian government called out for help and employer organizations answered. Thus,SD Worx was born. Today SD Worx support companies in over 150 countries and is present in 18 countries. So, what is the secret behind the ongoing success story?

The world has changed a lot since SD Worx first started, and so have the challenges within payroll management.

– SD Worx has always supported others, since the very first day. When World War II ended, society needed to be reconstructed. The Social Security Act was founded and to help employers with the administrative obligations that came with the new law, service companies were set up by the employers’ organizations, says Piet Vandenbussche, Business Unit Manager at SD Worx.

SD Worx was therefore established as a ‘social secretariat’ recognized by the government.

Today SD Worx offers payroll management and HR services to companies all over the world. Using advanced technology and smart solutions, they always have the client, employer, and employees in mind.

What does the name SD Worx stand for?

The name SD Worx is connected to the company’s Belgian roots as well as their international success.

– In 1945 our name was Sociale Dienst VEV, hence the “SD” in SD Worx. The name is Dutch and Sociale Dienst stands for Social Service. Our service was, and is, to assist the employer with everything related to HR, payroll and especially their personnel. When we expanded to the French-speaking part of Belgium, we changed the Dutch company name to SD Worx, Piet explains.

What does Worx stand for?

– It’s in our DNA to think alongside our clients, and to help them with a solution that really works, says Tania Deswelgh, Corporate Brand Manager at SD Worx. We work together with them, see the challenges from their point of view and we help their business become stronger. That’s why we’re called SD Worx. And let’s face it, Worx looks cooler than just Works, right?

SD Worx supports diversity

The challenges within payroll management do not look the same in every country. Local rules and laws affect the need for administration. So how did SD Worx get the courage and the power to grow so popular all over Europe and expand globally?

– It’s thanks to our clients. When they grew internationally, they wanted us to follow and we did, says Tania.

If you want to work with payroll management and HR on an international level, local experts are required.

– In each European country, we face different challenges. At SD Worx we don’t see diversity as a problem. We support diversity, and we appreciate differences, Tania says.

Today SD Worx is established in 18 countries and has a network that covers 150 countries worldwide. To be able to grow into new markets, SD Worx acquires established HR and payroll companies. The latest one is Aditro in Scandinavia.

– We only choose companies who have a philosophy similar to ours, says Piet. Aditro has always put people first and combined technology and service. Their local expertise combined with our capacity as a larger company, gives us the tools to help our clients grow and expand outside country boarders, when they wish to.

Goal: to be number one in Europe

SD Worx has always been great at adapting to new challenges by using the latest technology. In 1965, SD Worx was the first social secretariat who used computers to serve larger organizations. Today they offer companies a smart solution for handling payroll management across borders.

– We have a multi-country core HR system where you can use the same interface and simple dashboards for all your employees, no matter which country they are based in. A dream come true for headquarters in Europe, Piet says. 

The aim for SD Worx is to be number one in Europe and the future looks bright.

– Our tag line “For life, for work” means that we help businesses grow, as well as making employees feel good, says Tania. We have helped people for the past 75 years, and we are proud to still do so, both today and in the future.