HR and payroll on the go

When HR follows you home, you will feel a lot better

Approving invoices, time reporting, doing your expenses … all those things are not the reasons why you go to work. They are not the drivers of your professional life. However, as a grown-up person you and everyone in your organization realize that they need to be done. But how and when?

According to a study conducted by researcher Dscout, the average person interacts with their mobile phone 76 times a day. This is a fact that stands for many things, such as our behavior of doing things during transitional moments. You step into an elevator. You wait in line. You commute. At such times, chances are that you pick up your phone to have something to do. You deal with private matters like browsing through Facebook or Instagram and of course professional tasks, such as checking your e-mail inbox.


Once upon a time, when e-mail moved into the mobile phone, it was discussed whether this was good or bad. Opponents protested that work would never leave you alone, that you would be forced to answer job mails all night long. But of course, convenience won. Access to mail reduced more stress that it generated. The same goes for HR tools.

When we don’t have to spend valuable office time doing basic HR tasks, our stress levels will be reduced. If you’ve forgotten to do your time reporting, you can do it on your way home, so that you don’t bring a bad conscience home, but rather the feeling of having cleared your to-do lists. The emotional effects are important, but you can easily count on a more crass aspect: By allowing your employees to do all this at home, or on their way somewhere, office work productivity is increased. If you can free up just 30 minutes a week for every employee in a 1,000-employee company, the rational gains are just as appetizing as the emotional ones.