Aditro has prevented significant data breaches in Finland – the company received a national award for its work

Aditro has prevented significant data breaches – received a national award for its work

November 3, 2020

Aditro, the Nordic leader of HR admin industry, has been awarded “Tietoturvan suunnannäyttäjä 2020” (Trendsetter for Information Security 2020) recognition by the National Cyber Security Centre Finland. The award has been given for Aditro’s continuous work in reporting security events, data breach attempts, phishing attempts and preventing numerous data breaches and scams.

The Cyber Security Centre highlights that Aditro’s reports have prevented significant financial losses and data breaches to Finnish organizations, citizens, and society and wants to encourage such collaboration to other organizations.  

Remarkable investment in security culture

Active reporting requires investment in security, technology, training and personnel. Events need to be captured, identified, reported, and further processed for authorities’ use. Aditro has trained employees to identify anomalies, build reporting processes and has most importantly been able to create a security culture that values employee contribution and responsible behavior.  

“Aditro sees the collaboration with national security authorities as important responsibility which comes from the visibility of information security threats and the nature of the industry. We encourage all organizations to report actively for security issues to support the security of the digital society and the data.“ says Tomi Vehkasalo, Service Lead at Aditro.

Challenge to all organizations

Jani Räty, Information Security and Quality Director at Aditro says: “Those who have the visibility for malicious attempts also have the responsibility to act, to promote the common good and report findings onwards. We are happy to have the privilege to do so and act responsibly to protect the society we live in

The invisible work done by NCSC-FI and responsible organizations for information security is important and outstanding that it is now being acknowledged. Especially considering the recent news, I challenge all organizations to ask themselves “Have we ensured that we can detect attempts and do we report them to NCSC-FI?”

Information security is more important today than ever in Finland since the National Bureau of Investigation (KRP) began investigations last week to inquire a case where an unknown attacker claims to have obtained sensitive information on tens of thousands of Finns.

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