NetSurvey awards Aditro

Aditro has the chance to win award for making the greatest change journey

Aditro has the chance to win Powered by People award

Co-worker motivation and working climate are areas where Aditro is continuously working towards improvement. Yearly employee surveys are answered by Aditro employees in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the answers stand as the base for development. All teams are involved in the work towards improvement. Netsurvey has now acknowledged that Aditro has made great progress during last year and has nominated us for the Powered by People award.

“During 2016 we made great results across all areas (leadership, commitment etc.) There is not only one reason for this progress but an important action has been the addition of a more defined structure for our communication. Through this we have been able to improve the flow of communication throughout the entire organisation. We also clarified Aditro targets on an overall level aswell as specific areas.” Sofi Klinkert, Head of HR at Aditro.

The award is given to a Netsurvey customer whose employee surveys has shown a remarkable improvement. All based on data gathered from the employees. Aditro is one of three finalists in the category “Greatest change journey”.

The winner is presented on May 3rd in Stockholm.

About Powered by People

Powered by People is an award created by Netsurvey, aimed at honoring and celebrating companies who are successful in terms of working with employee relations, companies that challenge themselves and are good at creating sustainable change in their organization. Read more: Powered by People.