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Aditro one of the first Nordic companies to be certified with the prestigious Data Protection Certification ISO 27701

Aditro has a proven track record of effective data protection work and handling customer information in a safe and secure manner. In the autumn of 2020, Aditro carried out an external audit of the technology, processes, and quality systems within the company with the aim of ensuring the protection of information and personal data in accordance with GDPR. That audit resulted in Aditro being one of the first companies in the Nordic region to be certified in accordance with ISO 27701, a recently developed standard for GDPR.

Kiwa Inspecta, a leading provider of certification tests, conducted the review, and verified Aditro’s Privacy Information Management Systems. During the review, interviews were conducted with 25 employees across a wide range of Aditros departments. This means that Aditro will be reviewed annually by Kiwa Inspecta and will be required to comply with ISO 27701 and 27001 furthermore Aditro has committed to continuously improving and updating information security and data storage measures.

ISO 27701 is an extension of the security certification ISO 27001 and focuses on systems for handling data protection (Privacy Information Management System). The certification examines how an organization has implemented effective and secure GDPR work, in other words how securely the company handles information about its customers.

Why did Aditro choose to strive for ISO 27701?

Accelerating global digitalization in combination with technological development in areas such as social media, AI, voice and image processing means that the debate about personal integrity now and in the future is constantly ongoing. It is an issue that affects us all as individuals, society and nations. For more than three years, Aditro has worked to develop and strengthen protection regarding how information about individuals and organizations is processed in Aditro’s solutions to meet the ambitious requirements within the GDPR,” says Martin Sjögren, CEO of Aditro.

“It was a natural step for Aditro to ensure through an ISO 27701 certification process that the work we do together with our customers in the area strengthens the protection of personal data.”

What does this certification mean for Aditro as a company?

The ISO certification is for Aditro and our customers evidence that we are on the right track and doing the right things. The work of protecting information and personal data is a particularly active developing field”.

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