Finnish Arla Oy is renewing its payroll processes with Aditro´s payroll outsourcing

Arla Oy, which is part of the international Arla Foods Group, has chosen Aditro as its payroll outsourcing partner with the aim of modernizing and streamlining payroll management processes. Through this cooperation agreement, Aditro will be responsible for the production of payroll services for the entire Arla organization in Finland.

Arla, one of Finland’s oldest food companies, has been in the business for 90 years. The company has 320 employees and 530 milk producers in Finland. Finnish legislation and collective agreements have a significant impact on payroll work. The more complex the rules and structures of collective agreements are, the more difficult it is to interpret them. It also makes automating the payroll processes very challenging. Specific and complex collective agreements, which are typical in the dairy sector, challenge payroll services and require efficient processes.

Payroll process development required

It is important to look at payroll systems as part of an overall architecture rather than as a stand-alone or individual system. This way, the payroll system brings more added value to the organization and guarantees a correct and high-quality payroll service.

”The past year, we have had several major system development projects in our organization and it became clear, that our payroll system would have required several integrations. As we looked more closely at our payroll processes, we found that there is much room for improvement. Many processes were handled manually, and we weren´t able to utilize all the functionalities of the existing payroll system effectively. Our resources were also largely tied to ongoing development projects and were not sufficient to develop our payroll processes ”, says Maija Tantere, Head of HR at Arla Oy.

Process consulting securing successful deployment

The precondition for the success of any deployment project is accurate situation inventory and identification of needs and requirements. Process consulting enables it to accurately map the current situation, potential development needs and outsourcing capabilities of the organization.

”Thanks to Aditro’s process consulting, we were able to quickly eliminate many manual steps in our payroll processes. By utilizing automation, we can improve the accuracy and quality of our payroll service. In the end, the decision about outsourcing the payroll service was easy as our organization needs to allocate all our resources on the activities that benefit our business the most. Thanks to Aditro’s standard operating procedures and long experience, we were able to get everything up and running quickly and easily. Our payroll services are now in reliable hands”, Tantere continues.

Efficiency through outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing has become more widespread in the recent years. Due to tightening competition, it is becoming more important for organizations to focus their resources on the core business. Increasingly, only those functions that are strategically important for the business are held within the organization. Payroll services, in all its importance, is a necessary support function for most companies which, when working flawlessly, has a direct impact on employee experience.

“At Aditro payroll is our core competence, which we are very proud of. High-quality payroll service requires a strong understanding of various industries, legislations, collective agreements and their implications on payroll. Our strength is based on efficient and effective processes and the use of modern technologies as well as strong knowledge and understanding of the best practices that has been built over the past 50 years,” says Hanna Mattinen, Director of Aditro Payroll Services, and continues: “We have both product development and payroll services under the same roof, and this is definitely an equation that gives us a strong competitive edge. It enables us to effectively develop our payroll system and payroll services to meet the changing needs of the market.”

For further information, please contant:

Maija Tantere, Head of HR, Arla Oy
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Hanna Mattinen, Head of HR and Payroll services, Aditro
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