ISO 14001 certificate speaks about the values of an organization

Responsibility is an important part of the success of companies today. A responsible organization is sustainable and aims to minimize the impact of the business on the environment. How does Aditro ensure that its environmental impact is at a good level? Aditro’s Facilities Manager Jussi Lyytinen responds.

What is the ISO 14001 certificate?

-ISO 14001 is a certificate linked to environmental issues. With the help of the certificate, one defines how organizations take into consideration the environmental impact of their operations. The purpose of this standard is to provide organizations with a framework for environmental protection with requirements and application guidelines. Organizations that are certified according to ISO 14001 have also undertaken to comply with specific requirements according to common standards.

What is the purpose of the ISO 14001 certificate?

-Overall, the goal is to influence the global environmental problems such as climate change in a sustainable way. In an organizational view, the goal is to ensure that, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, everyone in our organization has environmental awareness.

What is required of an organization to get the certificate?

-Initially, we map a starting point for how the organization’s environmental impact looks and how we work. We carry out an audit of all our offices located in Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Estonia. The goal is to identify how our environmental impact looks today. As an ICT supplier, we also carefully survey the environmental impact of our data centers. We also continuously follow these together with our partners. Already now, our data center for Aditro Cloud is among the best in the world in terms of energy efficiency. In the data centers, energy-efficient equipment is used, and the heat generated in the data center is reused in households in the municipality of Espoo.

After we have mapped the current situation, we define improvement measures. We set goals quarterly and annually, which are followed up and updated at least once a year. We will also communicate our goals to the entire organization so that all of our employees know what actions to take to help achieve the common goals.

The certificate requires management to approve an environmental policy that is based on our values. The environmental policy is the basis for concrete measures and working methods that will ensure an environmentally friendly and sustainable business and operations.

What goals does Aditro have for the certificate?

-One of Aditro’s goals is that the entire organization has an environmental and sustainable way of working. Concrete goals for achieving the certificate can be, for example, to reduce the usage of paper, recycle and update our policies on travel and remote work.

Why should companies strive to become ISO 14001 certified?

-ISO 14001 certificate is already a prerequisite for partnership with certain organizations and in the future, the significance of the certificate will be further strengthened. When Aditro chooses partners, one of our own requirements is that the partner has a sustainable strategy also from an environmental perspective. One concrete example is the future office space, where the environmental ratings of the premises are certainly of great importance.

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