Sustainability is not a competition

It’s a storm outside the window. It’s not uncommon this time of year, but as we’ve seen these past few years, the weather has a different behaviour nowadays. There are significantly more rainfalls, floods and heatwaves all around the world. And we can see how humans, animals and nature have fallen victim to the accelerating climate crisis.

To slow this development, we all need to do our part. And then some.

If you’re working within IT, you’re probably not contributing much to the rising emissions we see globally. I also had the impression that Aditro’s imprint on the environment was not that noticeable, since we work within HR and pay administration. Not compared to bigger industries anyway. But sustainability is not about comparing or competing with others.

A workplace consists of many different factors which together can lead to big climate changes. And all companies can pull their own weight, do their part and take responsibility.

With these insights, we at Aditro chose to review what we could do to build a more sustainable business. We wanted to move away from policies that did not contribute to action, and instead invest in a plan to achieve carbon neutrality.

First, we needed to open our eyes and look ourselves in the mirror. Where could we make changes and improve? It is scary to see the imprints that you are a part of. How much carbon does the external servers we use really emit? How much do we travel? How do we commute to work? How much energy does our equipment consume?

Working together with Gaia, we dove deep into the emission data, mapped our emissions and created a plan for how we can reduce them. This is something that every company, country and individual can do to create an actual effect on our environment.

At the same time, our organisation is going through a great expansion. So, it begs the question – can you expand and still be sustainable?

Yes, we’ve realized that an expansion is not a stumbling block for environmental work, but an opportunity.

A sustainable expansion does not only favor the environment and future generations – it benefits the business. Energy efficient alternatives, fewer business trips and less commutes to work, create profitability. Environmental work also strengthens the organisation’s competitiveness, within the market and within the industry. When more companies choose to follow the lead, the climate engagement expands and grows stronger.

If the IT industry do not dare to look at the world through greener glasses and see their own climate footprints, we will never be able to make real change on our planet’s future.

Our work has just started at Aditro, but we’ve realized that preparation is key. The most important thing is to just start where you stand. Even if your organisation isn’t one of the big environmental culprits, you can still invest in improvements. We can’t change the world alone, but together, we can accomplish a lot.

Perhaps one day, a storm outside the window will just be a storm. And not a reminder of the increasing acceleration of the climate crisis.


Laura Antila, Quality Manager
Ulrika Ersman, General Counsel