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How it all works together

Aditro HR supports a variety of HR processes. By combining the different modules, your organization can get the processes it needs for your daily HR operations. Read on to discover the Aditro HR processes that you can use to build just the right solution for your organization.

settingsProcesses / Employment

New employment videocam

Manage on-boarding of new employees. Enter information in the HR system and create employment contracts.

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Terminate employment

Manage the termination of employment when the employee resigns or retires.

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Send & sign documents

Manage the electronic signing of documents.

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Employment coverage

Follow up on days employed according to Employment Protection Act (LAS)

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GDPR management

Functionality to comply with GDPR regulations regarding retention time for employee data

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settingsProcesses / Time reporting & approval

Attendance and absence with calculations

Register attendance and absence and approve reported transactions. Often clock-based reporting. Automatic calculations according to collective agreements.

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Attendance and absence without calculations

Register attendance and absence and approve reported transactions. Hour-based reporting. No automatic calculations of hours.

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Planned absence

Request leaves of absence and vacations, and approve or reject the requests.

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settingsProcesses / Travel reporting & approval

Travel claims & expenses

Register travel claims and expenses, approve reported transactions and send for payment through payroll or bank.

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settingsProcesses / Develop & engage

Competence management

Describe competence requirements, assess current competences and analyze gaps.

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Manage talks

Schedule and conduct different types of talks around performance, on-boarding, exit, rehabilitation and more.

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settingsProcesses / Salary review

Yearly salary review

Manage the yearly salary review process so employees get their new salary.

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settingsProcesses / Rehabilitation

Manage sick leave & rehabilitation

Manage long-term sick leave and rehabilitation according to regulations and policy.

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settingsProcesses / System administration & development

Reorganization & user access

Manage reorganization and access rules for Aditro HR.

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Manage upgrades to new versions

The process from receiving news of new functionality to upgrading the system and training users.

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Manage and develop the HR process

The process for developing the HR system and managing changes. Changes can be user inputs, new work routines, policys, etc. that impact the HR system.

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