Professional services

Backed by decades of experience in business processes and IT solutions, Aditro makes sure that you get the solutions that deliver the most benefit to your business. We share our skills with you through professional services consisting of consulting and implementation, support services and training services.

Consulting and implementation

Our consultants, project managers and proven methodology provide you with powerful tools during implementation that support you with your planning, implementation and change management. Implementing new technology and solutions often requires development and enhancement of your business processes. The Aditro consulting team, with its extensive expertise and long track record, is here to guide and advise you in the business process design phase to secure the outcome of your investment.

Our customers also use Aditro’s consulting services to get advice and guidance on how to further develop and enhance their HR and payroll operations.


We believe that running your day-to-day business is a task that deserves your full attention. By choosing our support services, you get high-quality service along with the benefits of our continuous efforts to develop our services and solutions. Our support offering includes services tailored to different stakeholders in your organization, from employees to managers in your HR, Finance and IT departments.


The magic of business is done by the people in your organization. Our training services cover a variety of areas, from mastering core business processes and operating software solutions to the legal aspects of HR and payroll. Our training programs are customized to specific markets. We encourage you to get the latest info from your local Aditro organization.