Aditro Daily

The employee experience is the future of work

Reach every employee, including deskless and field-based employees, any time. Create an employee experience that mirrors the consumer market customer experience. The workforce of the future won’t be all full-time employees. We’ll see a mix of full-time employees, consultants, contractors, freelancers, part-time employees, and other contingent workers – collectively known as gig economy workers. So, HR has got to be accessible to all and provide intuitive interfaces that leave no room for error.


Report your hours, log downtime, request vacations – wherever you are


Manage all your expenses right here in the app


Check your colleagues’ contact details and calendars


Never miss an important HR alert again


No more awkward PDFs, just the info you need at a glance


Aditro Daily
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Aditro Manager

For all managers

Don’t squash your managers under the admin burden. Make complicated HR routines easier and attract young talent to manager roles using modern, role-based HR tools. Set direct reports with the click of a button and keep your team happy with swift responses to vacation applications and automated self-service.


Tick off all those HR chores in a few taps

My Team

Check your team’s status and performance easily and quickly


Keep key HR info close at all times

Aditro Manager
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Aditro Pro

For all HR specialists

The HR police can officially resign. With less manual work that digital HR solutions bring, you no longer need the nagging HR police. Managers and employees can handle the administrative HR tasks themselves, with a little help from automated notifications, predefined processes and self-service support. This way, the HR department can rest assured that administrative HR chores will get done, freeing up their time to focus on strategy and people growth.

Web application

A market-leading digital HR system at your service


All day-to-day processes in one place


The perfect start to a productive day

See it (and believe it) with your own eyes

Your new, updated HR system will still use old back-office processes. The difference is that many of them are automated through software. This means you can lift your focus from processes to people. Let your HR professionals lead and support your people and organization to align, engage, and get the job done. Book a demo today!