Go from data to insights. Any data, any way, anywhere. All in one view.

Provide your organization with a business intelligence tool that give you deep insight into your people data. Use our Aditro HR KPI framework to track, compare, match and analyze people data and trends.

Role Based Access

Aditro Analytics has two main user interfaces based on the role of the user. The main idea is to provide a user experience that fits each user’s needs. The MANAGER interface is the main way to access dashboard and reports with data security only to see statistics on direct or all subordinates. For the HR specialist there is possibility to see full statistics of the company employees, or using data security to give HR specialist a context in the organization.

Analytics is a BI tool that provides KPIs and data insights from Core products People and Payroll.

  • Analytics is offered as a cloud service, easily accessible from the web browser.
  • Analytics is delivered with Aditro HR KPI Framework, configuration of KPIs and reports, to be used as is or as a base when adapting the solution to support customer requirements.
  • Analytics Data warehouse is extendable to include more data than provided at start.
  • Interactive reports powered by Microsoft Power BI Embedded.


Aditro HR Analytics Framework

Aditro HR Analytics Framework



Aditro HR KPI Framework

Aditro HR KPI Framework is a predefined set of KPIs and configuration supporting the Nordic countries. With minimal configuration, manager and HR specialist can start viewing dashboard and reports.

Aditro Analytics System Description

Aditro Analytics consists of several components that together deliver insights to end users.

  • Data warehouse configuration is where the design of the data warehouse is set. The powerful configuration tool will allow for manipulating both structure of the database as adding advanced calculated fields based on source data.
  • Data mapping is where national concepts are grouped to a common Nordic definition. The mapping is not only used for grouping, but also to give the data sematic meaning and fit it to the Aditro HR KPI Framework. Mapping is done on company group level, grouped by country. Mapping can be done using virtual Analytics concepts, giving the flexibility to use different source fields for same concept.
  • Data source is supported Core Products from Aditro HR. Later external sources might be added.
  • ETL Engine is the process where the Data warehouse configuration and Data mapping turns the source system data into the defined format in Analytics Data warehouse. The engine is scheduled to be run every night. First time run, after re-building DW, all history is restored from data source.