This is you, simplified. Information on your people and organization, reliably collected and easily accessible.

Aditro People helps you master your data. Create your organization and manage information about your people.

Aditro People makes it easy to keep records of employee information and perform analyses for better decision making.


Collect and manage employee information


Build and manage your organization

Salary Review

Maintain fair compensation


Base your decisions on analyses


Maintain updated information throughout the entire employment lifecycle. Make your managers and administrators happy by giving them a service that supports their effort to keep employment information up to date at all times.


Add employee information to Aditro HR. Introduce the employee to your company and document the process.

Master data management
Update employee information to make sure that accurate information is available.

Employee exit 
Ensure successful transitions by planning and completing employee knowledge transfers. Terminate employment for employees who leave the company.

Workflow support
Approve employee information and get other workflow support tools so you can maintain accurate, reliable data.

Master data  
Export information to payroll and other systems.

Features at a glance

Follow the timeline of the employee information.

Parallel employment
Supports parallel positions.

Add your own picture and see who your colleagues are.


Get information about your organization and the organizational structure all in one place. With Organization, you can build your organization and create rules and settings for employment, roles and approvals.


Define which units to use in the organization tree. Import units or add them manually.

Place each unit into the organization tree.

Add employees to the units. You can either import or drag and drop employees.

Connect employees to predefined roles. This ensures that employees gain access to the correct information.

Features at a glance

A simple drag-and-drop interface supports the administrator's task of keeping information up to date.

Organization tree 
Visualise your organization by creating an organization tree in Aditro HR.

Salary review

Make sure you compensate your talent fairly. Get efficient tools to change salaries across your organization.


Set your compensation and benefit budget.

Create a simulation of compensation distribution.

Adjust the budget in simulation mode.

Assign compensation review budget to units.

Set and manage the approval workflow.

Review and verify results.


Export to payroll.

Features at a glance

Compensation review planning and budgeting
Employee data and demographic information.

Export functionality
Export updates to payroll.

Approval management
Set the flow of approvals.

Easy archive access
Find what you need when you need it.

Analytics - Make better decisions

Choose to prioritize the things that really matter with the help of analytics.


Data collection
Gather data for analysis.

Manage data
Choose the way you want to present the information. Choose to monitor data or create reports.

Features at a glance

Manage reports
Use predefined templates or create your own custom reports.

Status view
Keep track of missing information using the status view.

Excel export
As needed, export your results to an Excel spreadsheet.