Aditro Talent helps you empower your people. It's built around transparency of goals, free flow of information and feedback. Aditro Talent ensures that your people are rewarded for their skills and competence, not their position in the hierarchy.

With Aditro Talent, it's seamlessly simple to take care of your talent daily, monthly and yearly.


Develop your talents


Share a target for the entire organization


Engage your employees


Manage, monitor and track skills and training for your employees.


Set strategy
Set a competence strategy and identify critical key competences and resources.

Acknowledge gaps
Identify gaps where employees require more training and skills development.

Plan actions
Plan actions on organizational and individual levels.

Review progress and update competence levels.

Features at a glance

Competence framework
Create and maintain a competence structure and individual competence profiles.

Role comparison
Compare roles with target levels.

Certification tracking 
Track expiration of certificates and receive automatic reminders.

Find required competences within your organization.

Reports and monitoring
Monitor training courses and download reports.


Make it easy for managers and employees to create and develop individual goals that are aligned with organizational strategies.


Plan and prepare
Create a strategy.

Set goals
Set short- and long-term goals.

Create actions
Break down goals into actions and operational tasks.
Track progress.
Follow up.

Get feedback.
Assess results.

Features at a glance

Individual goal setting
S.M.A.R.T goals approach.
Long- and short-term target setting.

Progress tracking
Measure results and track the current status of set targets.

Task lists
Use task lists for tasks related to targets.

Follow-up functionality
Follow up on achieved targets.


Give your managers a powerful tool to engage their employees. Guide and help your managers interact and support the team members. Make check-ins and dialogues fun, interactive and valuable for all.


Prepare and plan
Prepare what type of employee talk or check-in you want to have. What is the purpose and the expected outcome of your talk?

Find, plan and schedule a time for your talk with teams.

Meet your employees and complete your discussions. Agree on actions during the talk in real time with interactive features.

Follow up and analyze
Set dates and actions.

Features at a glance

Status view
View the status of your talk cycles.

Get reminders and suggested actions for you and your team.

Predefined talk templates
Find templates for onboarding, offboarding, check-ins and performance reviews.

Custom templates
Build company-specific talk templates.

Easy archive access
Find your talks on your personal timeline.

Alerts and notifications
Help managers remember talk deadlines and other tasks.