Aditro’s Battle of the North challenge


During these strange times, with home offices and closed gyms, our physical and mental wellness has been challenged. That’s why Aditro decided to initiate a six-week health challenge “The Battle of the North”, a fun activity campaign across all countries.

We have competed on two different levels, by country and by office. Points have been collected by registering different activities. All sorts of activities, steps and positive behaviors have been logged, it’s clear that employees at Aditro are into a great variety of exercise. During the challenge we have been focusing on the team and to engage each other along the way. It has been so fun to follow everyone throughout the campaign.

Finally, after six weeks of logging walks, bicycle rides, stretching and screen-free nights it’s time to officially announce the winners in each category! Congratulations to Sweden and Tallinn, for winning most active country and office, respectively. Sweden wins a donation to a charity organization of the employees’ choice. The Tallinn office is in a for a much-deserved breakfast surprise! You have all done an amazing job these last six weeks! We believe this sort of health-promoting nudging is highly useful.

We wish you all a great and active summer! 😊