SD Worx Finland

SD Worx goes Nordic – Winners of summer competition!

As Aditro is joining SD Worx, we wanted to introduce SD Worx to the beautiful Nordic summer by launching a photo competition at Facebook that all employees can participate in. We got 30+ beautiful photos from our colleagues posted on Facebook with the hashtag #SDWorxNordic.

We sent the photos to the PR team at SD Worx in Belgium that had a voting for their favorite picture from Sweden, Norway, and Finland + a bonus – their favorite from the marketing department (their photos were not allowed to participate at the country competitions).

Pictures from Sweden

Jill always goes all in!

And the Swedish winner is Carina Mattsson

Photo from Falsterbo

Big Congratulations Carina!

Pictures from Finland

SD Worx Finland

And the winner finnish is Paula Kankare

Big Congratulations Paula, could you say something about the picture?

Photography has been my hobby and passion for about ten years, so I was very excited to see that SD Worx summer competition was a photo competition. There is a beautiful Träskända park near my home in Espoo. When I was sitting on a bench I got the idea to write SD Worx with summer flowers I picked from the park” – Paula Kankare

Pictures from Norway

SD Worx Norge

And the norwegian winner is Audhild Hval

Big Congratulations Audhild, could you say something about the picture?

The photo was taken the day I went on summer holiday on my favorite beach at our favorite place: Koster in Sweden, which is located just outside Hvaler in Norway. Nordkoster is one of two islands and it is actually a national park. Here we have a small ”summer cottage”, and here we can enjoy nature, go hiking, cycling, eat fresh fish and lobster, swim in the sea and drink wine”. – Audhild Hval

The best picture from the marketing departments in the Nordics: Elias Axelsson Björklund

SD Worx France - Photo by Elias Axelsson Björklund

Big congratulations Elias! Could you say something about the picture?

”First of all, the picture is not from the Nordics… It is taken during a surf holiday in Moliets et Maa in France, close to Biarritz. Second of all, some participants used fish, small rocks and other handy material in their pictures. The surfboards may look small but they are higher than me and I needed 23 surfboards for this picture. Third of all, the idea might have been mine but it was actually my girlfriend that took the picture, on my shoulders.” – Elias Axelsson Björklund