Head of Enterprise Norway

Vivienne Karlsen

I am currently working as Head of Aditro Enterprise in Norway, meaning I have the overall responsibility for our Customers, our Payroll product development, our deliveries and our excellent staff. Before taking on this responsibility, I managed the Consulting unit in Norway. I have been in Aditro since November 2011. From my previous job-life, I have several years’ experience from sales and management of staffing-, recruitment- and headhunting services in different companies. In addition, I worked at Eniro for approx. 4 years in different roles within Operations, the latest as Head of Customer Service/ Operations. I live with my husband, daughter and destroyer-dog in Oslo, but try to get out of town as often as possible – either to our cabin in the mountains for skiing or hiking, or to some nice vacation spot somewhere to indulge in great food and wine.