Trust Center

Aditro considers Information Security to be essential cornerstone of digital business and therefore has a firm and practical attitude to ensure Information Security is implemented to protect customer data, business operations and the customer trust is always maintained.

Security Management
Aditros Information Security Manager is responsible for group level overview of security as well as Aditro Cloud Security, together with skilled technical security experts. The Information Security Manager reports to Aditro General Management and is responsible for Information Security Strategy. Making sure we fulfill new security requirements, technical security investments and continuous measurement of Aditro Security.

Security Risk Management
Information Security Risks are part of Aditro’s risk management scope, each organizational unit identifying the security risks for their daily work, together with top-to-bottom risk management for high level risks. The risks are processed according to ISO 31000 framework.

Security Training
We believe that skilled and trained employees are the first line of defense against financial frauds and phishing attempts. In addition to mandatory annual security training, Aditro offers training for technical tools and security best practices throughout the entire organisation at all locations.

Technical Security
Information Security starts with architectural design to ensure the security can be guaranteed on design level, then with the use of various technical solutions, a layered security defense and monitoring is established to protect the assets, such as customer data. Daily operations include various security checks, alarms and audits to ensure the designed security levels are maintained.

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Public PGP -key
Aditro Security public PGP -key for vulnerability and security communications. View here >>