We are Aditro

Hello. We’re Aditro.

We’ve got one job to do: to make HR admin feel a lot less like hard work. And thanks to intuitive tools designed with people (not technology) in mind that’s exactly what we do, day in, day out.

Do the job you came to do.

No one leaps out of bed excited about expenses. Or raring to time report. We get that. But by making work admin less of a chore, we free up precious time and energy. So your employees can get stuck in to the proper stuff. The satisfying stuff. The stuff that makes today feel like a good day.

Moving the world of HR.

We’ve led the HR admin industry for over 50 years. Now we’re shaking it up. Take how we work with clients for starters. Instead of marching in and telling you what you need, we actually ask. We listen. We work with you to co-create brilliant solutions that make a genuine difference to your business. We just think it’s better that way.

People, not tech, come first.

We don’t build things because we can. We create stuff for real people in the real world who work everywhere, anywhere, anytime and on any device.  And because we always think people first, our intuitive tools are picked up in an instant – and used over, and over, and over again.

We love hard work.

Savings. More efficiency. Greater accuracy. Improved compliance. We’re unashamedly obsessed about results. And we’re proud to deliver them. After all, we’ve got the best brains in the HR business working for us. Which means you do, too.

Job done.

If it doesn’t make life easier, we’re not interested. If it doesn’t make HR admin faster, smoother, even a pleasure, we don’t want to know. If it doesn’t make work work better, it’s not for us.

We simply want to get the job done. And done brilliantly.

Aditro. Job done.

Winner of Powered by People-award 2017