Board of Directors

Johan Berg

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Johan Berg has an extensive track record from the IT industry with senior executive positions in companies such as IBS, Boss Media and Intentia. Board member of I-Stone AB, IST International AB and Itello AB. He was the CEO of the Aditro Group from 2012 until 2016. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Uppsala University.

Per Hesselmark

Partner at R12 Kapital AB

Per Hesselmark is a partner at R12 Kapital AB. He holds an MSc from the Stockholm School of Economics.


Hans Ramel

Partner at R12 Kapital AB

Hans Ramel is a partner at R12 Kapital AB. Former employment in Oriflame Cosmetics and Coopers & Lybrand Consulting. Board member of Twilfit AB, Global Floral Technologies Group BV, NCAB Group, OSM Holding AB and af Jochnick Foundation. He holds an MSc from Stockholm School of Economics.

Group Management

Martin Sjögren
CEO Aditro Group

Pelle Bourn

Sofi Klinkert
Head of HR

Thomas Enwall
Head of IT

Ulrika Ersman
General Counsel

Janne Leppänen
Director of Cloud Operations

Magnus Engman
Head of Aditro Enterprise Sweden

Petteri Hannula
Head of Aditro Enterprise Finland

Mari Eklund
Head of Aditro Public Finland

Vivienne Karlsen
Head of Aditro Enterprise Norway

Eric Matsgård
Head of Digital Services

Mikael Fagerholm
Head of BA Common Development

Magnus Eklöv
Director of Software Development, HCM

Magnus Fredriksson
Head of Operational Governance